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The Smarter Alternative for Idle Reduction

Proud Member and Supporter of the
Minnesota Trucking Association 
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We are indeed stronger together.


Idle Smart is a proud member and supporter of the MTA and everything it does to support safety, advocacy, and workforce development for the trucking industry in Minnesota.  Our commitment to the MTA is to serve as a resource in providing its members fleet management and idle reduction best practices as well as to provide them the most compelling value in an idle reduction solution.  


Learn more about how Idle Smart can help offset rising diesel costs by watching the videos below, visiting our Services or Request a Demo pages, or downloading a fleet Case Study or ROI Calculator.

Battery Protect

Take a Tour of Idle Smart
Below is a quick overview of Idle Smart's idle reduction solution and Fleet Management Software.
Get a feel for the Idle Smart in vehicle experience and the flexibilty we offer for fleet managers and drivers. 
Check out all the benefits the Idle Smart system can bring to your fleet here!
Lifetime Parts Warranty

Our commitment to reliability and performance is unmatched in the industry. If your system stops working for any reason, we will provide you the necessary parts at no cost to you.

Customer Support

We understand that our fleets are constantly on the go. As a result, we’re committed to being available 7 days a week. Have an issue or question? Call us, we’re here to help!

Maintenance Free

Idle Smart has been designed to be maintenance free for the life of its use. No service intervals or scheduled downtime. Just reliable and predictable performance.


less expensive than an APU

<2 MOS
payback period

pounds of CO2 eliminated/tractor/year

of fuel saved/tractor/year



"Coolness in the summer heat, warmth on those chilly nights in the Rockies …  my Idle Smart system does it all at a fraction of the cost."


“My tractor has been equipped with Idle Smart since the late spring and it has a lot of positives.  First, it's maybe 3 lbs and not 400-500 lbs.  Second, you don't need 3 feet of frame rail to mount it.  Third, it took 4 hours to install, not "leave your truck here and it will be ready in 3 days."  No extra filters, no extra belts, just a small control panel in the sleeper.


"I really liked the original Idle Smart unit and the new Idle Smart is even better.  It tells you everything you need to know easily and is so compact and small.  It’s just super to use." 

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